Tumblers starting at $5.39
Wide mouth squeeze bottles starting at $3.75
1 Doz. Heavy duty Knife round tip $16.15
1 Doz. Pointed tip Knife $4.85
Cast iron steak weights staring at $7.25
Magnetic Knife/Tool rack starting at $7.69
Hair nets 144 ct $19.80
Ramekins starting at $7.49
Plastic sugar holders starting at $6.99
Vinyl gloves starting at $5.99
Fryer baskets starting at $13.55
Great assortment of chef knifs
Full length apron $4.75 / Waist apron $2.85
Dry food storage containers starting at $2.59
3 Spout pitch's $6.15
Wide assortment of thermometers
Wide assortment of spatula's
Wide assortment of skimmers
Tongs (assorted color and sizes)
Knife sharpeners
assorted signs
assorted salt and pepper shakers and cleaning brushes
Pineapple corer $10.45
Food portion scales startind at $53.19
Onion chopper $290.65
Tomato slicer $114.75
Lettuce cutter $272.55
6 Wedge French fry cutter $105.25
Large assortment of insert pans and covers
Tortilla warmers, Fajita platters, guacamole bowls and much more
High chairs $56.65
Plastic Booster Chair $45.59
Bus buckets and Meat lugs
Rotary toaster $589.00
3.5 HP. $755.00
1 HP. $149.00
Heat lamps starting at
Wood Tray stand $35.59
(4) Slice toaster $139.00 (2) Slice toaster $109.00
Panini grill $389.00
Plumbing products
Plumbing products
1" Gas hose $259.00
3/4" Gas hose $189.00
Everpure Water filters
Hydro Life Water filters
Stainless steel sponge $0.69 each
Many sizes of aluminum and stainless steal stock pots
Food warmers starting at $99.00
Kegerator $1529.00
Gas and propane Fryers staring at $749.00
Single Burner Stock Pot Range $359.00
Atosa 4 burner (Non thermostatic)
Globe 24" char broiler (Non thermostatic)
Globe 2 burner (Non thermostatic)
Globe 24" griddle (Thermostatic)
Blodget convection oven
Microwaves starting at $259.00
Meat slicers starting at $695.00
Bunn coffee maker $349.00
Smokers Cease Fire Cigarette Butt Receptacle 1 Gallon Capacit $88.00
Trash & Dry storage buckets starting at $17.85
Popart markers $5.55
Assorted cutting boards
Stainless steel hand sinks $139.00
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